"DON'T go changing my favourite songs" croons Spike on 'C'mon' from the 2001 releaser of 'This Is Rock N Roll' and that is exactly what The Quireboys have avoided in their 30 year career.

Even with the release earlier in the year of 'Black Eyed Sons' this was going to be a stormer of year for the gypsy

troubadours,  but the re-release of 'This Is Rock N Roll II' caps it all off.

The album was first released in 13 years ago when Spike and Guy Griffin got back into the writing saddle.

No doubt tracks will be featured when The Quireboys play Belfast's Limelight1 on Friday, November 21st (some tickets still available) as will the four bonus tracks - reworked versions of 'Hey You', 'Misled', '7 O'Clock' and 'There She Goes Again'.

But what 'This Is Rock N Roll II' shows is a band re-energised from the turbulence of the 80s, kicking into the dust the attempt in the 90s to kill off hard rock.

Originally recorded at EMG studios, North Hollywood, the result was 13 tracks of pure gypsy infused Rock n Roll, something that many territories didn't see and something that was regarded as gold dust to get a hold of.

With the current run of fortune the band is currently experiencing worldwide, it has become quite clear that the rest of the rock world as well as the diehards want to get a hold of copy.

Out now digitally and physically on Off Yer Rocka Recordings on what we have here is a lanquid, luscious soundscape with love-bitten, and love-smitten tracks, as smooth as a fine bourbon, and as rough as the late night cigarette on the throat.

From the delta infused blues of 'Taken For A Ride' to the angst-ridden regret of 'Enough For One Lifetime'; to the agonisingly wonderful 'Searching' and the regret-filled ballad of 'To Be', this album is the foundation that The Quireboys have built all their recent success upon.

It is the expression of a band that understands how to play, what to play and never pretend to be something that it is not.

This is hard rock, this is blues rock, this is gypsy rock, but most of all This Is Rock N Roll...

Review by Jonny

Authors: Jonny

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