THERE is such a thing as using invective as a rhetorical device in speeches and writing, but at times deploying invective in musical lyrics can be a tricky business. Once upon a diseased time such invective was limited to punk.

Responsible metal acts of all genres now take on the use of invective, but it is rare that the musical competence and lyrical dexterity come together.

Why it happens is sometimes a mystery to even those behind the compositions, but mystery or not that is what Cursed Sun have achieved on their ep 'The Fall and Rise'.

Controversial issues are tackled, sometimes in allegorical form, and muscular rhythms merge and flow like a backdrop of the end of times.

Cassidy's vocals are pushed in new directions -  especially on 'Psychopath' - and occasional melody lines/clean singing offer a break from the full-on attack

Jonny McCleery's lead work has developed since the release of 'Premonitions' two years ago, and on the likes of 'The Last Rites' and 'Acension' he turns in some fine work that display the craft.

The chord-picking and gentle solo introducing 'Ascension' gives way to a track that changes it up and changes tempo when needed and Chris McMullan holds the track from flying off the rails with a sterling and measured performance.

Ending with the ep's opener may be an arse about face way of doing a review, but the opener is a key to understanding the totality of Cursed Sun's sound.

'The Seven' sees all the band pulling together as a tight unit. In the same way 'Ascension' careers through the dark winding roads familiar to Mastodon fans, 'The Seven' is on display purely as a guide to 'getting' where the band has developed.

McMullan's drums and Matthew Montgomery's bass are tighter than a shark's ass, you couldn't slip a cigarette paper between them as a unit.

Equally Ciaran McKeever's rhythm guitar is a glue, bridging the sound between bass and drums and McCleery and Cassidy's forward charge.

While some may see some of the influences that Cursed Sun avowedly declare - such as Lamb of God' - this is not an ep from a bunch of copyists; this is not an ep from a band content to plough the same furrow; no, this is an ep from a band determined to make sure fans remember the name and the sound.

If you don't you may feel the invective directed at you next time!

Review by Jonny

Cursed Sun launch 'The Fall And Rise'
on Saturday 1st November at
The Distortion Project's regular
RockD Limelight2 slot

Authors: Jonny

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