THEY are influential, they are radical, and they are among the best in the world at what they do. They are from Belfast, and they are Stiff Little Fingers.

Their stunning album, 'No Going Back' was funded via a very successful Pledge Music campaign.  Now with worldwide distribution through Mondo Recordings/INgrooves the band have hit the UK rock album chart at Number 13.

Our review (here) discusses the background of the SLF release, but we feel that the most powerful message is hope. From the challenges to the economic and political elites, and to religious abuse and crass media scaremongering Jake Burns lashes lyrics against the norm and offers an alternative future..

But the real message of hope comes in the track, 'My Dark Places'. Jake has spoken of how he has suffered from severe depression - a courageous move in front of thousands fans.

The words of the song are worth it, such as "Well, I got there in the end, With the help of many friends, Some who helped by simply just believing."

Burns opens his heart on this song. Anyone who has - or is - suffering from depression should take the message of hope from 'My Dark Places'

"And the days look brighter now
Yet I know someday, somehow
I could end up back there in an instant
Some days I really feel like laughing
Some days I realize I must stay on my guard."

Listen to the album, listen to the messages, buy it.

We have colleagues and friends - reviewers from other sites (Carolyn from Planet Mosh) - all have taken hope, all have gained yet more respect for Stiff Little Fingers, a band who have always provided Inflammable Material.

Authors: Jonny

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