HAILING from the deep, deep south of England (Plymouth) Warcrab are a crusty crustacean of death and sludge, emerging from the depths with a mission to swamp all with a tidal wave of noise.

Two years after their last release Warcrab have just put out there their latest slab in the shape of the five-track mini-album, 'Ashes of Carnage'.

For a beast with two guitarists (Paul 'Budgie Garbett and Leigh Jones) backing lead axeman Geoff Holmes and singer Kane Nelson they present a serious assault of death and sludge.

From the opening track, 'In This Iron Tomb' the band declare their intent to lay waste to your eardrums. Stand-out track, 'Scourge' sees the atonal wailing of guitars and dense patterns supplemented by a stand-up section from bassist Dave 'Guppy' Simmonds and Rich Parker on drums.

The variations of time signatures and fills throughout this release shows just how important it is not to be entrenched within a sub-genre. 'Entombed in Flames' increases the speed to produce a sound not unlike Whitechapel, but without the annoying Americanisms. It borders on the  more technical aspects of death metal.

Kane Nelson's vocals are pure hatred throughout - the man seems pissed at the world he inhabits.

Title track 'Ashes of Carnage' is a pounding piece, which sees all six members head pellmell towards the nuttier side of death/sludge with the lead guitar lines saving the song from disappearing up its own arse.

'Lay To Waste' was the only track we didn't rate as highly as the rest. At times it sounds a littler derivative of many ploughing the same furrow; however, we suspect that it is more suited to the live environment.

Overall Warcrab have produced a solid release into a crowded marketplace, one which could do with some refinement in arrangements and production/mixing to bring their sound to the fore.

A solid 7/10

Review by Jonny

Vocals - Kane Nelson
Guitar - Paul “Budgie” Garbett
Guitar - Leigh Jones
Lead Guitar - Geoff Holmes
Bass - Dave “Guppy” Simmonds
Drums - Rich Parker

Authors: Jonny

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