HYPERBOLE? This time you can believe the hype as Anthrax laid down the thrash law in Belfast's Limelight1 on Tuesday, July 1st with a full-on lesson for any aspiring thrash bands out there.

<a href="http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-yQhe0T8thEU/U7QANRbz94I/AAAAAAAACzs/iU9eXTYe1FA/s1600/IMG_4391.JPG" imageanchor="1" style="clear: left; float: left; margin-bottom: 1em; margin-right: 1em;">image This was a magna carta for thrash, this was a metal masterclass, this was Anthrax showing why they are under-rated in the metal pantheon of greats, and why they stand head and shoulders above any pretenders.

Many packed Limelight1 on the promise of the full Among The Living album, and remind themselves of the glory days in the 80s. But Scott, Joey, Frank et al showed that this was thrash brought right up to date in 2014.

This was mosh-tastic...

Yes, this was a show where we ended up making words up...

image After seeing Slayer's show two days previous in the same venue it was a hard to envision a better show in 2014, let alone a better one within 48 hours, but somehow a tight, cohesive cacophony of chaotic wondrous entertainment; which was entertainment of the highest order.

It would be an injustice to pick a single moment in the show. There was nostalgia - Among the Living, Caught in a Mosh, Indians - and there was contemporary excellence - Fight 'Em Til You Can't - and there were covers- Antisocial.

image From Charlie at the back shifting patterns of pounding double bass power and fantastic fills and Frank's intense rhythmic runs were the star turns in and of themselves, but also served to allow Scott and Jonathan (Donais: formerly of Shadows Fall) to roam musically and to add the touches necessary to keep the thrash at its full potential.

Since Joey returned to the band there has seemed to be a sound foundation built to bolster the band, and his twin fronting with Scott are powerful focal points for the audience.

Belladonna's performance is excellent, vocally and with onstage banter work that serves to heighten the adulation of the crowd.

Mosh pits? Check. Crowd surfing? Check. Mass sing-alongs? Check. Anthrax ripping apart the Limelight? Check.

I am the Law bellows Belladonna above that riff and on July 1st Anthrax were the law. Judge, Jury and Executioner to mediocrity in music.

Review by Jonny, Baal and Zakk
Photographs courtesy of MetalPlanent

Authors: Jonny

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