WHEN it comes to hard rock you have to put all into it to gain the maximum pleasure - and that applies to whether you're a member of a band, or a member of the audience. And, Bonafide brought it in abundance for a night of sheer hard rockin' pleasure on March 29th at the Diamond Rock Club.

The Swedish band were making a return visit to the Diamond in Ahoghill (Rock City) and they produced a relaxed performance that also managed to maintain maximum commitment to rock at its finest.

Opening for Bonafide were local act Tric, making a return to live performances after a year in hiatus.

Now a four-piece Tric laid down a solid set, with the emphasis on blues tinged hard rock. The influences of DC and even Quo on their songs were neither slavish nor where they simply going through a 12-bar homage. Tric were back to plant a flag for rock.

Bonafide are a mystery band. They should be much more widely known given their songwriting, live performances and set of excellent recorded material. However, most present on March 29th knew the songs well.

Opening with the storming Bombo, Pontus Snibb is an engaging front man, obviously comfortable as the focal point of the band, his vocals and guitar playing a masterclass for those who want to follow the rock path.

While Pontus was the focus it would be a mistake to ignore the tight-knit unit of Bonafide. Bassist Martin Ekelund is the joker in the pack, climbing around the side of the stage and egging the audience on during the likes of Peg Legged Pete.

Niklas Masston's drums stay consistent and add flurries that give the edge to Suburb Baby Blues, which is a tune the audience apparently relate to judging by the number of people singing along.

As aide de camp Mikael Fassberg's guitar playing fills out the sound with solid rhythm, and when the opportunity arises playing some tight and entertaining lead solos.

Bonafide wrapped up with a duo of songs that reflect their ethos and the ethos of fans who are prepared to travel to see low down and lovely dirty hard rockin'.

Fill Yer Head With Rock and Hard Livin' Man were perfect closers, with the band rising up to meet the audience's enthusiasm.

Well-rehearsed and confident on stage Bonafide played it hard and played it well at the Diamond Rock Club - a well spent Saturday night for all present.

Authors: Jonny

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