It's great to receive new material and on this occasion I was presented in the post with a great quality digi pack ep cd that  going by the aesthetics of the packaging  meant the band were serious with this release ,up untill now this band has pretty much went under the RRNI Radar  !







The band themselves are a four peice rock/metal act  from Belfast formed in 2006, the last release was back in 2007 and they have gigged extensively since around the country they have a melodic sound and with twin lead guitarists have a heavy driving sound , in this EP they clearly show a mix of influences with a slight RHCP  funk on the title track mixed in with a slight tinge of Pearl Jam and then when you think youve it sussed it hits the bridge and the sound gets very heavy ,Down and Out starts of with a bluesy intro and is a more upbeat song with some great guitar work this is followed by Learn To Die following in the lines of Down and Out with a more melodic feel to it ,  the ep is finished off with "Gotta Get You" which kicks off with  an intro thats sound  puts Thin lizzy into my head it then continues with a hard rock melodic feel .

All in all Dead Zebra have produced a great follow up EP these guys are doing quite a bit of gigging at the minute so do yourself a favour and pick up a copy , you can also hear all the tracks on the main RRNI playlist

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