“Zokusho” is the second album from The Defiants, a band whose members are all linked to Danger Danger. The latest album was released on 13th September by Frontiers Records and it features three current members of Danger Danger and a former vocalist from that band. The track “Love Is The Killer” was featured on the Friday NI Rocks Show on 27th September.


The Defiants was formed in 2015 at the suggestion of Frontiers President Serafino Perugino and their first self-titled album was released in April 2016. I posted an album recommendation for that album too! The initial line-up featured two current Danger Danger members – founding member Bruno Ravel on bass and guitarist Rob Marcello (who had been with Danger Danger since 2003). They were joined by singer Paul Laine who had been part of Danger Danger from 1993-95 then 1997-2004 and had released four albums with the band. The drummer on the first album was Van Romaine.


“Zokusho” is apparently a Japanese word meaning ‘the sequel’ or ‘the next chapter’ so it’s quite appropriate as the title of a second album! Joining Ravel, Marcello and Laine this time is Danger Danger drummer Steve West. He has been with Danger Danger since its formation in 1987. The new album features 11 tracks that will certainly appeal not just to Danger Danger fans, but to any fans of the melodic hard rock genre.


Check out The Defiants on Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/TheDefiantsOfficial/


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