“Warrior” is the third album from Soleil Moon and it was released on 9th August by Frontiers Music. Musically the album is a little too AOR / melodic for me at times, but there can be no doubting that it is an outstanding release in that genre. The band was formed by singer Larry King and keyboard player John Blasucci back in 1999 and those two are at the centre of each album with other musicians making guest appearances.





Singer-songwriter King and pianist Blasucci first met in 1994 and started writing tracks together. After forming Soleil Moon they released their debut album “Worlds Apart” in 2000. Those inputting to the album included the London Symphony Orchestra, guitarist Michael Thompson (Michael Thompson Band and numerous session appearances) and drummers Kenny Aronoff (Jon Bon Jovi / Meat Loaf etc) and Todd Sucherman (Styx).

Soleil Moon continued to record tracks over the next few years, but it was 2011 before the second album “On The Way To Everything” was released. There were a number of guitarists, drummers and bass players featured on the album, including Michael Thompson. The latter also performs on “Warrior” with King and Blasucci, alongside Khari Parker on drums, Chris Siebold on guitar and Alan Berliant on bass.

Check out the band’s Facebook page - https://www.facebook.com/SoleilMoonMusic/


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