I'D like to point out here and now that I am not the antichrist; well not that I know of...

Recently there have been several stupid comments on these posts from religious apologists. Thanks to all - makes my stats look better in case a sponsor should appear willing to cough up a few quid to have this properly designed etc (Jagermeister - are you paying attention?).

Thanks to the readers who have expressed sympathy, but I have also received a few emails that could be construed as worrying.

Basically - to cut a depressing story short I have a 'dead letter' email addy I use on this site for competition entries and the like. As I made it public knowledge I received the usual spam. But some weird people think that hard rock and heavy metal is some way going to destroy the christian world (we can but hope!).

As such I shall not be including Alabama - sweet home or not - in future travel plans lest I receive 'the bullet in the brain' that I so, apparently, richly deserve. The irony of that comment from one who professes to believe in a loving god was missed....

Still I shall continue to post about hard rock and heavy metal - and right now Sabbath, Priest and Devildriver are on the current playlist: I await more threats to see which other states I can cross of my travel itinerary :)

Authors: Jonny

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