Just thought I would do this for a laugh!
There was a band I worked alot with over the past couple of years, they were probably the local scene’s biggest act, BANDWAGON.  What started off as a 4 piece then went on to a 3 peice, the boys really made it in the local scene with their Rory Gallagher & Thin Lizzy


I dont know HOW many times the name “Bandwagon” keeps popping up on my externl hard-drive, so I thought I would create a wee collection of images Ive taken over the years of the band everyone misses!

There were fun times, there were sad times, there were good times, there were bad times, and there were many rows between Father and Son in the ole McKibben car!

So here is just as small as a collection I could possibly get of my favourite images over the years, so many great memories!

The Empire Hall, Belfast - 11th December 2008

A first night for everyone!

- My first time hitting the local scene

- My first time seeing Bandwagon

- Joe McQuillian’s (bassist) first night performing in Bandwagon.

I never got to see Bandwagon when they were a 4 piece sadly… but this was when Bandwagon became who they really are.

The boys were opening the show down in the Empire supporting PAY*OLA’s E.P. that was being launched (sadly missed the Pay*ola as I left early).  On the bill were REDLIGHT and MILLION DOLLAR RELOAD.





St. Patrick’s Day 2009 - Lavery’s Attic, Belfast

St. Patties night and it was down to the Attic! Now armed with my Nikon camera I was ready for the night!  Bandwagon had the headline slot, performing along with TOMMY SHOTS, IN THE NAME OF, ELECTRIC CIRCUS & THE DEAD PRESIDENTS.



Lavery’s Bunker - 14th January 2010

Another headline spot here for the Bandwagon boys down in the Bunker.  Playing along with the boys this night were MIDNIGHT TRANSMISSION & THE DEAD PRESIDENTS.


The Diamond Rock Club - 16th January 2010

2 days after the Bunker the boys were hitting the Diamond Rock Club in Ahoghill!  This was my first time in the place that I have now grown to say is the greatest venue in all of Ireland!  The boys were playing along side with MILLION DOLLAR RELOAD celebrating the Rock Club’s regular Mel McNair.




Down in the Rosie - 26th March 2010

Down in the Rosetta Bar in Belfast for a rather quiet show.  Not many people turned up but the night still went ahead with the boys OFCOURSE headlining the night.

image 0 0

image 1 1

A special (drunken) guest!

The Photoshoot!

Not many of these pictures have been shown online.  This was the great photoshoot for the debut E.P. that was going to be released in April 2010.  Travelling from the city of Belfast to the forest of Hillsborough, we all did it all along with Angry Steve (Phil Edgar’s dad).

image 2 2

image 3 3

image 4 4

Walking along while Phil (McKibben) puts keptchup on his sauage roll!

image 5 5

image 6 6

they just couldn’t resist a Bee-Gees moment.

image 7 7

The final image for the debut E.P. “Wasting Time” on the back cover.

image 8 8

The pun shot, literally “Going Down”.

The Diamond Rock Club - 25th April 2010

A few days before releasing their E.P. the boys were down in the Ahoghill supporting G.M.T., a 3 piece super group that features:

- Bernie Torme on vocals & guitar (ex Ozzy Osbourne & Ian Gillan)

- John McCoy on bass guitar (ex Mammoth & Samson)

- Robin Guy on drums (performed with Faith No More)

It was great seeing 3 of Northern Ireland’s top players playing with 3 of the World’s top players.  This is a photo of the 6 of them.

image 9 9

Sunflower Fest 2010

Had to upload this image.  Bandwagon were set to play at the first ever Sunflower Festival.  The boys were all excited to get playing until this happened… a silly drummer ended up hurting his foot!

However the boys still went on to play one amazing set, but I’m sure Phil really felt it afterwards!

image 0 0

Beers 4 Speirs - Kelly’s, Portrush - 27th August 2010

On our way to Portrush now for a charity gig.  A top line up which had SWANEE RIVER & PAT McMANUS on the bill, good choice of bands played on the night ha ha.

image 1 1

Christmas in the Empire Hall, Belfast - 16th December 2010

The last time I saw the Bandwagon boys perform as Bandwagon.  Funny how the first time I saw the guys was in the Empire and the last time I see them is in the Empire.

It was a cold and snowy night, there was alot of lineup changes due to the weather and illnesses so the boys once again were headlining the night.

image 2 2

As I said, just a small collection! Believe me… wait till you see my hard drive!

I, along with many other people in the local scene, miss this band, they could have been the next big thing, but instead they went on hiatus and thus are basically no more.  Joe & Phil Edgar keep the songs going through an acoustic set but that’s about it.

Just because the band is basically over doesn’t mean they’ve stopped playing.  Edgar recently joined SWEET SAVAGE after their guitarist passed away.

Joe filled in as bass player for THE DEAD PRESIDENTS.

And Phil McKibben is still blootering away on the drums and serving Big Macs.  May we soon see him back on stage!

So yes, it was nice reliving these memories and I am sure it will be nice for you guys out there, enjoy the collection and keep hoping that someday the boys will take the stage again!

Authors: Marc Leach

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