To me, there always has been a problem with the Belfast (and Norn Iron) rock scene: it’s one I’ve ranted about before, and probably will continue to rant about at length in the future, and that’s the lack of support for it...
But, when bands start behaving like complete and total fucking arseholes... well, can you blame people for not coming out to support them and instead saving up their pennies to go and see disappointing major league ‘rock stars’?
Case in point tonight: EXIT. A band who did exactly what their name says. Exit the fucking building without playing a note. Yep, stormed off in a huff.
You get the chance to headline a four band bill – ABOVE two of the best live bands in our wee country – and what do you do? Walk on stage and strip your kit?
OK, so things are running slightly behind schedule! Trucker Diablo have been their usual awesome selves! So what, you’re a fucking rock band. Get on stage and do your stuff... don’t send out a lamb to be slaughtered by three – yes, three – promoters, all of whom want to see if you’re worth booking.
Tell you what boys: stop being boys, grow up fast and become men. Rise to challenges. There’s three promoters in this city you’re going to have to work VERY hard to convince you’re even worth opening a four band bill...

Authors: Monk

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