“Don’t Count on Heroes” is the new album from Italian band Danger Zone and it was released by Pride & Joy Music on 18th October. The band formed initially back in 1983 before splitting in 1992 and all four of their full-length albums have been released since they reformed in 2010. Three of the band members from the late 80’s are part of the new line-up. The track “Demon Or Saint” is included on the Friday NI Rocks Show on 8th November.


Danger Zone formed in 1983 out of the ashes of a band called Sbarbation. One of the founding members was guitarist Roberto Priori and he has remained with the band throughout. A six track EP called “Victim of Time” was released in 1984, followed by a number of demos, and this lead to the recording of the debut album “Line of Fire” in 1989. However the completed album was not released before the band members parted ways in 1992.

In 2010 Priori reunited with singer Giacomo Gigantelli and drummer Paolo Palmieri and the debut album “Line of Fire” was remastered and finally released in 2011. They were joined initially by bass player Roberto Galli and guitarist Antonio Capolupo; but these two were replaced by by Matteo Minghetti in 2014 and Danilo Faggiolino in 2016 respectively. Keyboard player Pier Mazzini joined in 2016.


A second album, “Undying” was released in 2012, followed by “Closer to Heaven” in 2016. The latter also featured keyboards from Whitesnake member Michel Luppi.


Check out the band’s website at https://www.dangerzoneweb.com/


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