“A New Dawn” is the second album from Swedish band Age of Reflection and it was released on 27th September on the AOR Heaven label. I’d posted a recommendation for the first album released in 2017 and both albums are mixed and mastered by Erik Mårtensson from Eclipse and W.E.T. The band will be playing four shows in England during November. The title track from the album was included on the Friday NI Rocks Show on 11th October.


Age of Reflection was formed in 2013 by guitarist Carl Berglund and bass player Jan Skärming. Over the course of the next two years they pulled together a band featuring vocalist Lars Nygren, guitarist Jonas Nordqvist and drummer Michael Sjöö. The band signed with AOR Heaven in 2016 and released their debut album “In The Heat of the Night” in February 2017.

Work on the second album commenced in 2018, with Jens Rüttgeroth joining on keyboards and Peppe Vikman taking over on drums. Erik Mårtensson was once again brought in to finish the album.

Age of Reflection play shows in Newcastle, Grimsby, Manchester and Barnsley during November before performing at the HEAT Festival in Germany at the end of the month. They return to the UK in March to play at Hard Rock Hell AOR – Chapter VIII in Great Yarmouth.


Check out the band’s website at https://www.ageofreflection.com/


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