German band Licence released their second album, “N2O2R”, through Metalapolis on 2nd August. I can think of a few bands with father and son in the band but there can’t be too many with father and daughter, which is what Licence offers. The new album features a guest appearance by Richie Diver from local band Maverick as well as a cover of the Pat Benatar classic “Hit Me With Your Best Shot”. The track “Line of Fire” was featured on the Friday NI Rocks Show on 19th July, followed by “Hot4Ever” on 9th August.


Licence was formed in Ludwigsburg, Germany in 2014 and features Jacky Coke on vocals, her father Steam Thiess on guitars, Sammy Sin on drums and Pappe on bass. I’m guessing those might not be their real names! Maverick bass player Richie Diver provides guest vocals on the track “Hot4Ever”.


The band released a three track, self-titled EP in early 2017 before signing with Metalapolis for the release of their debut album “Licence 2 Rock” in October 2017. I posted a recommendation for that album and played a few tracks on the Shows – . The title of the new album is an abbreviation of ‘Never Too Old To Rock’.

Musically, the 80’s rock influences are very evident and Jacky Coke does a decent version of “Hit Me With Your Best Shot” which was a huge hit for Pat Benatar in 1980.


Check out the band’s website -

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