“Fight The Fear” is the fourth ‘solo’ album from Herman Frank and it was released on 8th February by AFM Records. The German guitarist is probably best known for his involvement in the bands Accept and Victory, but his own solo project has essentially evolved into another band since the first release in 2009. The track “Fear” from the new album was included on the Friday NI Rocks Show on 1st February.



Guitarist Herman Frank joined Accept in 1982, featured on the band’s classic “Balls to the Wall” album in 1983 and left shortly afterwards. He went on to join Victory in 1986 and recorded eight studio albums with them. In 2005, Frank joined the reformed Accept and released three more albums with them before departing in 2014.


The first Herman Frank solo album, “Loyal to None” was released in 2009 and featured Victory frontman Jioti Parcharidis on vocals, along with bass player Peter Pichl (who later joined Victory) and drummer Stefan Schwarzmann. Vocals on all the other solo releases have been provided by Rick Altzi from Masterplan. The second album, “Right in the Guts” also saw Michael Wolpers take on the position as drummer.

The line-up for the third album “The Devil Rides Out” in 2016 remained static for “Fight The Fear”, with Altzi on vocals, Frank on guitar, Michael Müller on bass and André Hilgers on drums. On this album there are also additional guitars from Heiko Schröder.

Check out Herman Frank’s website at http://www.hermanfrank.com/

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