“The 7 Endless” is the fourth album to be released by Italian female fronted metal band Secret Rule and also the fourth that I’ve posted a recommendation for. It is released on 25th January via Pride & Joy Music. The band formed in 2014 and is fronted by Angela Di Vincenzo. The band have featured regularly on the Shows over the past five years and the new track “The Endless” was included on the Friday NI Rocks Show on 11th January.


Secret Rule formed in early 2014 and released their debut album “Transposed Emotions” via Rocksector Records the following year. That was followed by “Machination” via Scarlet Records in 2016 and then “The Key to the World” in 2017 on the Pride & Joy label. The albums have included a number of guest artists, including members of Sirenia, Within Temptation, Sonata Arctica, Delain and Firewind. Throughout that period the band have toured widely playing alongside bands such as Delain, Beyond the Black, Kobra and the Lotus, Visions of Atlantis and Blaze Bayley.

In addition to Angela Di Vincenzo on vocals, the band features Andy Menario on guitar and keyboards, Michele Raspanti on bass and Nicola Corrente on drums. There are guest vocals from Andrea Ciccomartino of Italian band Graal on the track “Dream”.


Check out the Secret Rule website at http://www.secretrule.it/

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About “NI Rocks Recommends”

The simple idea behind “NI Rocks Recommends” is to acknowledge and promote some of the great music being submitted to Rock Radio NI. The albums that I’ll be recommending are those that you’ll hear me playing tracks from on my shows. I'll not be giving marks or ratings or analyzing the tracks in great detail; just telling you something about the artist and the album. It’s a personal recommendation to go check something out, not a traditional “review”!


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