Released on 30th March by HighVol Music, “Medicine Man” is the third album from Canadian band Snake Eyes Seven. The band’s self-titled debut was released in 2007, followed by “13 Crows” in 2010 and each album has featured a different vocalist. Having re-released “13 Crows” in 2017, Snake Eyes Seven are back with a new line-up, determined to make things work this time. The title track of the album was included on the Friday NI Rocks Show on 6th April and we should have an interview posted with founding member, guitarist Cole Stevens in the near future.


The initial Snake Eyes Seven line-up included Kick Axe bassist Victor Langen, with the vocalist being Daniel Nargang who had briefly been part of Canadian band Into Eternity. After touring to support the debut album, the band was torn apart by internal tensions and guitarist Cole Stevens made a fresh start with a new line-up, recording the album “13 Crows” with Ken Stone on vocals. Not long afterwards however the band entered a period of hiatus. That hiatus was broken when Stevens brought together a new line-up to work on a third album and the decision was taken to re-release “13 Crows” in 2017.

The new Snake Eyes Seven line-up features Cole Stevens on guitar, Danny Deane on vocals, Mike Cillis on bass, Cam MacLeod on guitar and Erik Young on drums.

There are nine tracks on “Medicine Man” including “Can You Hear Me Calling”, for which a video was released in 2016.


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